Back to Class!

So my Wellbeing Meditation class has started back and we have a few new members. As the class grows I see the value of the peace and calm meditation can bring to our busy, hectic lives.

So what do we do at a class? When someone new signs up I often try to give them a flavour of what my class will be like. I try to balance the necessary repetitiveness of meditation practice with the need to explore different types of meditation, so that people can find a practice and techniques that works for them.

Class time is divided up between relaxation, discussion and meditation. Relaxation helps us to get into the necessary mindset for meditation, to leave the hustle and bustle of life for a while. Discussion allows the group to share their experience and practices, what works, what doesn’t and to share what they feel they need help with, what the next step on their meditation journey is. The group is at it’s best when it is sharing, supportive and encouraging of its members. When we move on to our meditation we use this time to centre our awareness, calm our minds and explore. It is a creative moment in which we can experience our Higher Self, expand our awareness and deepen and lengthen our practice.

As I write this, ideas for this week’s class are beginning to flow, I am exploring the possibilities of a Saturday meditation workshop, I hope to hold in the Spring; of teaching relaxation techniques to students to help with the forthcoming exam season, the possibilities are endless.

What possibilities are open to you this year?

Best Wishes



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