No rainbows without rain.

Negative feelings like sadness, depression, loneliness, trauma, hurt, anger and loss are useful and essential emotions. They tell us that something is wrong and it needs to be changed, or worked through. Loss of a loved one for instance cannot be changed but it can be worked through with the process of mourning.

Monday Musings

Every Monday I share my musings and research I have done over the past week. From quotes and statistics to videos and discussions that are interesting, informative and inspirational.

Being a counsellor

I love being a counsellor, it's a privilege to be trusted to share someone's life journey for a while. To really listen and try to understand their point of view, their hope, fears, suffering and sacrifices. To watch someone begin to see the hope and joy in life, and to help them become authors of … Continue reading Being a counsellor

Meditation Classes.

Mental health is important for everyone, meditation is proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It promotes emotional and mental resilience, and calms over-worked minds. If you are interested in finding out about how meditation might help you please come along.

Meditation and Mental Wellbeing

This is Buddha's take on how meditation can help you mental wellbeing. He implies loss of anger, anxiety, depression and fear is an unburdening of the self. A letting go that brings peace. I myself practice meditation and I use it when appropriate in my counselling work with clients. I find it helps not only … Continue reading Meditation and Mental Wellbeing