Overthinking Part 1

We all do it, especially when we are stressed or worried. Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, loss, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, attachment disorder etc often have overthinking as a symptom. So what is overthinking?

An education?

There is a proposal from a former Tory minister to have children in schools for 45 hours per week, 45 weeks of the year: http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/jan/30/lengthen-school-days-cut-holidays-tory-adviser This would give even quite young children a working week longer than their parents. It would inhibit their ability to socialise with anyone who is not the same age as … Continue reading An education?

Meditation and Mental Wellbeing

This is Buddha's take on how meditation can help you mental wellbeing. He implies loss of anger, anxiety, depression and fear is an unburdening of the self. A letting go that brings peace. I myself practice meditation and I use it when appropriate in my counselling work with clients. I find it helps not only … Continue reading Meditation and Mental Wellbeing

Pain and struggle.

Many of us enjoy solving problems, many more of us watch programmes where we watch others find solutions whether it's Dr Who, Jonathan Creek or Sherlock Holmes; we like puzzles and their answers. We have an ideal in our society that we can somehow know everything, that answers are just waiting to be found, if … Continue reading Pain and struggle.